Thursday, April 1, 2010

Super Belated Edition


That pretty much covers it...

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Awesomeness Compulsive Disorder - Belated

Was a fighting fire day at work. Never fun but makes the day fly by.

Started the process of getting a re-fi. Hopefully it will go smooth.

Stopped in and said hey to Friday and spawn at the Stop.

Finished Chapter 3 of FFXIII (about 5.5 hours in). Still kind of annoyed at the lack of explanation of what the fuck is going on. Most of understanding of what is going on is from reading the DataLog not from the story.

Started reading Enemies and Allies again. Still digging. The book is set in the 50s and the setting really helps the story. It brings to mind Matt Wagner's rant about Superman and Batman not working in the modern era. I am not sure if I agree but while reading this book I can defiantly see his point of view.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Extreme Monday

Work. First time in a month or so that I have had no afterwork commitments. It is kind of strange.

Played a couple of more hours of FFXIII.

Tried out Wasabi Factory 2. The sushi was OK but kind of expensive. Yet another strip mall restaurant that is much nicer in the inside then expected. I had a Marinier's roll which was voted there best roll in 2007.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

post-ECCC day 2

Went to see How to train a Dragon in 3D. Did not know I was going to a 3D showing but it was. The 3D was pretty good and the story was a fun adventure. It was definitely a PG story as there were a couple of kids that were traumatized. Kind of pissed that the increased the glasses rental to $4. I think I am just going to buy a different ticket and bring my own glasses from now on. I am also disappointed that the Lowes AMC theater now has at least one faux-max theaters and no longer allows me to bring in a Jamba Juice. It is making me not want to go to the theater anymore again it was only their (at the time) $5 pre-noon showings that brought me back to the big screen.

Started Final Fantasy XIII. About 2 hours into it and I have no real understanding of what is going on...

Had the department head meeting for ECCC, lots of stuff was talked about. And there was steak. George stole my Prime Rib but the Peppercorn New York was still good.


Double B-day - belated

Hung out with B all day. Went to the Lego store. Played a game of MLB 10 The Show. B kicked my ass and the commentators mocked me like crazy.

Went to the joint birthday party for G and T. I got G a crap load of Iron Man stuff. And T the Home One Lego set. Just a conversation evening.

Overall a good day.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Zombies taken care of

Went to work. Had a meeting about WaF. Had to go to TCA. Got home and played Borderlands with JB then with MD. That was pretty much it...

No * today :(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Excellent day

Took a vacation day.

Got my contacts back into my phone. Was not easy but they are there and can be updated. Not sure it was worth the hassle.

Finished Assassin's Creed II. Even got the full 1000. I guess this could be a spoiler but I keep expecting to find out that my side is the "real" bad guys. In both games I felt that my side was as bad or worse then the Templars. They want more power, I go around killing the guys hired to watch over the city...

Cleaned out my closet looking for some skinny pants that are in good shape and found a stack of fat pants. I have no recollection of ever needing fat pants. I wish there was a manufactured date on clothes so that I would know when I bought something.

Another 11 miles on the exercise bike. I wish I knew where this endurance has been for the last 10+ years.


I guess I am starting to get used to the touch keyboard on my phone. I do need to see if I can turn off the autocorrect.

Tried to watch Repo: the Genetic Opera. Gave up after about an hour. Story was boring and made worse by the horrible songs. Not my cup of tea I guess. Glad I am not planning on seeing Report Men anytime soon, because I would probably be disappointed when Jude Law did not break out in song.