Saturday, December 26, 2009

I don't miss the snow

Woke this morning to much snow outside.

Luckily Dad has someone come by and plow the driveway so all I had to shovel where the deck and little bit of the sidewalk. After the drive was plowed we were able to escape for a pretty damn good lunch.

Later we went to the Prime Rib for some prime rib. Was not that good but not complaining.

Watched the first part of Doctor Who: The End of Time. Was not really digging it until the end with the Master Race and the return of the Time Lords.

Finished Suicide Kings. It was really fun but it still disappoints me when my favorite characters keep dying.

Read the first volume of The Mighty. It was very good but it got me thinking that there are a lot of "evil" Superman books out now.

Flying home tomorrow. Will miss Dad but will be very nice to be in own bed for a couple of nights. That is assuming weather and or heighten security does not stop my return home.

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