Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good TV day...

Because of the late night left work early.

Went to Target and found the last of the first wave of JLU figures... Just before the second wave is supposed to hit...

I think I found the entertainment center set that I want. Seems to meet all of my requirements except it is a bigger than I want but I think it will work.

Watched My Own Worst Enemy(Tivo preview very good. Kind of worried if they can pull off a story engine), Grey's Anatomy(better than premire but still not very good), Life on Mars(not bad but not as good as BBC), Eleventh Hour(interesting), and Stargate Atlantis(Shanks and Asgardian could not ask for more).

Played Disgaea 3 and Incredible Hulk(locked up on me again. Should just change games but I like destroying things). Started Halo 3 on Legendary with Duece.

Came to the realization that I need to get home in order. Cleaning person will be here on Monday and I have the same stuff stacked on stairs as I did 8 weeks ago!!!

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