Sunday, October 5, 2008

Saturday re-belated

Went to Brickcon with Jason B. Was too crowded. Aparently over 3,200 people.

Went a hunt for Real Soda. A buisness that sells Soda in bottles. Was tougher than it should be since they just moved to a new location.

Then we went to Grinders for lunch. Was very good but I choose poorly. I went with the first thing that caught my eye and have been craving a couple of the other sandwiches ever since.

Then it was back to my place where Jason built Lego sets and I deconstructed them. Death Star II is now in pieces.

Watched some movies while we Lego-ed. Nothing very good though. Also watched the first two episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars. Was actually entertaining. Makes me wish I had gone to see the movie.

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