Thursday, June 26, 2008

America's Most Wanted Ticket

Went to a sneak of Wanted with 2.0, Beau and Mary anne. It was quite good but I almost feel that it should not have been called Wanted since it veared so far from the source material. Not that it was not good, it just was not the same story.

Today was Scott's last day. Sad Paul.

Finished of this weeks comics. I am starting to get excited by Final Crisis. This weeks issue was much better.

Read Walking Dead 8. It is a good thing that Kirkman is not the writer of my life because he is kind of a dick to his characters.

Finished Six Frigates. My remembrance of America history is crap, so I was kind of surprised at how close the newly formed collection of states almost fell apart. I was also amused the the War of 1812 did not end until 1815 I also did not know that Andrew Jackson's victory in New Orleans after the war was over stopped the planned sucesion of the New England states. How different would it have been if the Civil War been fought at this point of history.

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