Monday, June 23, 2008

Crowning Achievement

Of the tooth version unfortunatly since the 360 is still in the shop.

Went to the dentest to get premenant crown applied. No numbing or pain. Which ruled.

Restarted Metal Gear Solid 4 since I was losing interest due to the constant restarting of beginning of Act 2 (10 plus times). I probably should not have started out on "normal" since I am far from the MGS master or even vetern. I may restart again to the basic setting because easy was really really easy...

Tried out the Wii Fit for the first time. I suck at the Tree Yoga Pose... According to the game my BMI is 26 and should be below 25. To get to that I need to lose 6 pounds. I think I am going to try the daily exersise but will be tough with all the upcomming travel.

Read some more of the Six Frigates. US discovered that embago does not work very well when you cut off your biggest client and he can stop you from trading with anyone else.

Ordered Blast Internet form Comcast. Doubled download and trippled upload but I will aparently need to go to the Comcast store and rent a new modem if I want the full 16 meg down and 4 up. Also found out that I will be able to return cable box and get cable card and self install. No appointment for this dude.

Went to Home Despot and got the carpet process under way. Will soon be contacted about setting up a messurement.

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