Friday, June 27, 2008


Changed oil and got a new key fob at dealership. Next service is the belt service and will cost about $1200.

Started to move more stuff down to the bonus room to make carpeting and painting easier. Should have done more than I did...

Watched Weeds, Secret Life of Call Girl (only giving one more episode to entertain me), Wipeout, I survive a Japanese Gameshow, part of Last Comic Standing, Doctor Who.

Watched 10000 BC was not as bad as reviewers lead me to believe. Should be treated as not a story of the past but a Legend. In that context I was entertained becaue I was not stuck on the fact that Wooly Mamouths were being used to create the pyramids.

Read the Dare Dare Vol 1 trade. Started the Iron Man novelitation by Peter David. He does a really good job of expanding the movie stories. He has done most of the Marvel Movie books. Even he could not explain what the modivations of the character in Spider-man 3.

Six Frigates fun fact: the leading account of the War of 1812 was writen by Theodore Roosevelt. He wrote it because the leading British account was full of bias and the american versions were romatic claptrap.

Played some MGS4. I have managed to get my easy game caught up to my Normal game. Soon I will be watching really long cut scenes again.

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