Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hotel again

Finished watching Wall-e in the early AM. I liked the movie I just did not feel very entertained. Could posibly be the too warm theater and the movie talker. I blame home video for the lack of theater manors.

Got up quite early considering the 3 am lights out. Q came over and inspected the now dry paint then we went to breakfast and grabbed some more paint samples. I do believe that all colors have been selected.

Picked Beau up and headed for Spokane. Beau is going to be my helper for the next couple of days. He will be watching the process as I complete the development. Sould be fun or at least would be if not for the 97 degree outside temperate without AC.

Watched the end of Last Comic Standing and a Family Guy. Plus some Onion Videcasts. Also watched the new Venture Bros online at the hotel.

Still reading the Iron Man novelitation. Peter is doing a great job fleshing out the plot of a great movie. It is just little things like having Tony start his attack on the Mandirin in the Mark III armor from Dubai instead of California as appeared on screen. I remember seeing that bit and thinking that would be a very long flight in a tin can.

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