Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back on the road again

Got up really early today so that I go to Atlanta to help Froggy out with his photo shoots at DragonCon. I flew on AirTran which is aparently a real airline. I know I hd never heard of it before. It was a direct flight which was nice but there was only light snacks for food.

On the plane I watched Walk The Line on the Touch. I then read some more of the Fantastic Four: War Zone and played some FFTA2.

Froggy picked my up and we went to the Hotel to begin the setup. Aparently we are going to have 45+ different celebrities everyday with some of the stars expecting over 300 people. Line control is going to be scary. I left my stuff to do bag in the van so found my self quite board since there was nothing to do.

DragonCon is kind of different because it is not held in a convention center but is instead held in three hotels in Downtown Atlanta. So nearly 50,000 moving between the different lobbies. It should be insane.

Went to Pig N Chik for dinner. The Meat was awesome but the sause was only so-so.

Staying at an Extended Stay for tonight only. The place is a dump and my roommate has been smoking in the room. Plus she has problems shutting up...

Watched some Bones with Froggy before heading back to my room to get some sleep for tomorrows long day.

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