Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lazy Sundays should not be so busy

Forget to mention that last night was a game night at the Stop. BTW when disadvantage of a public blog is that I can't tell some stories for fear of hurting feelings...

The Jasons crashed at my place, so I layed in bed and watched last weeks Mad Men to let them sleep in a bit. I did get them up in time for us to meet Jim D, Beau and Mary Anne at the cheep showing of Death Race. The action was cool but the talkie bit were way slow.

The Jasons and I headed back to my place and I played some Mass Effect then Duece and I broke out his copy of Army of Two for a while.

We then went to George's to celebrate Q's very belated birthday. Conversation and Ice Cream cake for all!! Presents only for the BB-day girl.

Started reading Fantastic Four War Zone. I am going to try and slam through some Popcorn Books.

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