Saturday, August 2, 2008


Was feeling tons better today but at about 8 pm got a stuffed ear. I took some decongestant which usually helps but no long this time. No plugged nose but ear still plugged. I tried gum and yawning with no luck as well. I tried a hot shower (as scene on the internet) and that help a bit. It is really nice to have radient floor heat with water. I don't think I have ever been anywhere that I could take 30 minute showers without any temp decrease. Kick ass my ear just popped!!!

Was taunted by the empty JLU pegs again. They did have some more of the Crisis figures though.

Picked up the trim paint today. Baring lazyness sickness or better plans should have that done tommorow.

Watched Last Comic Standing, Burn Notice, Doctor Who and Stargate Atlantis.

Got the con swag from Jim and spent the evening sorting. A lots of stuff but not as much as I remembered.

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