Saturday, September 6, 2008

And the Sky was Full of Stars

Made the long trek to Oregon to spend the weekend with the 'rents.

Things I noticed on the trip:
- The Great Wolf Lodge is new and HUGE. The water slide looks fun.
- Centralia has really boomed West of the freeway. When I lived there there wasn't crap to do one the West side.
- There are a crap load of different Energy Drinks (3 refrigerator cases) for sale but no one carries Barqs.

Spent some time fixing the entertainment components. DVDs now in 5.1 Your welcome Mom.

I have NO cell service at all but they do have a wi-fi connection so I can still send this missive to Blogger. Is strange being disconnected from world, not that anyone ever calls me. :)

Watched Definitely Maybe. A little slow and cutesy but overall a good flick.

More things I forgot to mention... Started Wolverine: Lifeblood on Tuesday. Good story but not tied into continuity at all. It is if Wolverine had never joined the Xmen. Plus he had claws in WWII. Also watched The Perfect Storm on the plane on Wednesday.

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