Monday, September 8, 2008

Nine Months Later...

And I finally have a game I want for the PS3. Picked up Disgaea 3 today. I really enjoyed the first two on the PS2 and had been looking forward to this release but had not been paying attention to the release date. So when I found one copy at Best Buy today I could not resist. I did save the reciept if it is needed... I am only about 20 minutes in to the game but I am slightly disapointed in the look of the game. I have not found anything in the game that could not have been done on the PS2. That being said the humor and gameplay seem to be intact so I really have nothing to complain about.

Played some Mass Effect. Hit a wall and was able to get around it. The combat has been very easy for the last couple of hours so I was kind of surprised when the difficulty jumped up. It took me a couple attempts but I was able to get past the trap and had fun doing it.

Watched Psych and Terminator: SCC. Also watched an episode of Exo Squad from the DVD set I picked up in Atlanta. The first episode is kind of disjointed but it still stands up better then a lot of my old favorites.

Started the 100 pushup challenge again. My previous attemt was interupted by cons, sars and work...

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