Monday, January 4, 2010

Startup resumes... Sort Of

Back at the plant today. But it only turned into a half day since the electricians wanted access to the panel to get there work done. Spent the rest of the day trying to make progress on my other work without much success. I also did laundry. I am not a big fan of communal washer and dryers. Plus I could not find any Tide Free, so I will probably end up getting a rash from the detergent.

Finished off Friends today and moved on to Volume 2 of Duck Tales. Still like the show but find the synthesizer music annoying.

Spent the evening calling people to see how the gift exchange went for them. Sounds like I missed a good time. Not sure it was how it could have been better than the Bronze Boot or a room in hotel that is hosting a wedding reception for a twenty something couple (turns out they want to party in the hallway all night).

Wanted to mention that I love that the Chieftain does not have low flow showers. I miss having gallons of water running through my hair every few seconds.

It is very common here to see people leave there cars running when they go into a store or eat. Not very good for the environment obviously, so I found it quite funny when we went out to dinner Saturday night and one of the running vehicles when we arrived and left was a hybrid. Not sure they understand how they work.

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