Monday, March 15, 2010

ECCC day 2 - Belated (Lets see any of you jokers do better)

Last day of the con. Slower but still busy. If all the 2 day-ers showed up, then Sunday was close to Last years Saturday. Actually had to make time for me to hit the floor since it was pretty steady all day.

Picked up the Evil Inc. Trades. My only purchase of the Con.

Slightly pathetic I have nothing personally exciting from the show today. :)

Went to Gameworks after the show with the staff.

Went to Dragonfish after Gameworks with the gang and Froggy. Actually drank quite a bit. Was ahead of B, until I pulled the plug. Who by the way does snore (at least while drunk), but it is so little compare to the brother D (and probably me) that it could be considered background noise.

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