Sunday, March 7, 2010

Green Valley not so much green - now belated

Went to Tucson proper for today. Went shoping and found the two new JLU singles. Then me and the 'rents went to Hi Corbett field to watch the Rockies play the Brewers in a spring training game (Rockies 8, Brewers 6). It was a lot of fun.

My old phone has been acting strange since I dropped it in North Dakota and I forgot to bring a charger. So after check to see if a Arizona phone could be returned in Washington, I picked up an HTC Tilt 2. It is nice to have a phone that is not freaking out but I miss the benifits of my ROM-upgraded Fuze. Plus Windows 6.5 removed a couple of features I liked. And the keyboard has the shift and backspace keys in different places then the Fuze and it is driving me batty. I am predicting that this phone will be returned shortly after the con.

Played so more GTA: CW.

Watched the Mariner's 2010 Season Ticket Holder DVD. I am having difficulty keeping my excitment in check for this season.

Only 3 more stories and I am done with Ring of Fire II. Of course one of those stories is over 120 pages long...

As I write this the rain is just beating down on the stucko roof. It is extreamly noisy. I think I may have found Seattle's missing rain. Hopefully I can bring it home with me.

Went to a new Best Buy competitor today named Ultimate Electronics. They had an display truck out front that showed a demo of Panasonic's 3DHD TV. And in the controled setting of the demo truck it was Awesome!! Ultimate Electronics not so much. I can't comment on the electronic prices because I don't keep up on that but video games and DVDs were disapointing. Nothing appeared to be on sale. One strange thing was they had a large portion of the store floor dedicated to pool tables. Kind of strange in an ELECTRONIC store. They were nice looking tables though.

For the baseball game we parked at the El Con Mall and after the game we decided to run in and let the game traffic clear. The inside of the mall was so depressing. Basically only the anchor stores were still open. Some of the store fronts were boarded up but some of them looked like they had just been abandoned. It was kind of strange because it appeared that the anchor stores were doing good business but that may have been an illusion created by the baseball fans.

The rain has finally let up so I am going to try and get some sleep.

Update: Tried to send this last night but it failed. Removed the not exciting pictures and will try again.

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