Sunday, March 21, 2010

Instead of finishing up my work, I decided to process the last 3 years of personal photos. I really should go through and tag/comment all of them, but I don't see that happening. At least the new photo album is much easier to do if I decide to. Plus I can hide personal photos. :)

Played some more AC II. I really want to finish this game so I can start FF XIII. I am starting to feel like a broken record. Plus I would like to play some more Borderlands.

Went to the ECCC Volunteer debrief meeting.

Had the final conversation. Glad that is done.

Got 3 of the 5 things I wanted to accomplish done this weekend done. Overall a good weekend.

Doing a little self debate on whether I should do something about staying at my current weight and buy some new pants or just stay with the status quo and assume they will fit again. I like the weight I am right now but I am hating the belt... The silly thing is that I have been back on a normal (for me) eating schedule for almost a month and I have still lost a little more weight.

MyLifeIsAverage of the day: Today, I was wondering if people in china got english words tattooed on themselves

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