Monday, July 7, 2008

Another week a different hotel room

Back in Spokane :( Same hotel but it is mirrored version of the room I have had the last three times I have stayed here. It is a little disconserting.

Watched the Venture Bros, Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Gameshow on the Interwebs. Quick comment to I like the ability to watch programs I missed on the internet. I have no problem watching comercials for the privilege of watching missed programs. I do have a problem with having the program come back from the comercial after skipping 5 plus minutes of the show and having no good way to get back to where I was precommertial. I was able to have more luck using IE but it was still a substandard experience.

Still reading Incredible Hulk novelitation. Been very tired at bedtime so have not had much reading time.

Took a couple of hours to try and catch up on my Google Reader-ing while I was watching some TV on the internet. I sure missed the internet durring Operation Paint.

Exchanged a brief email with Chris turns out Billings still boring.

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