Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome back big guy

It was nice to be in the office for the 1st time this month.

Spent the evening watching TV while picking up. It is the first time I have had the big screen on in almost a month. I had forgot how nice it is to watch TV on a large screen.

Jim called and told me that my Crackdown case was empty so I did an inventory and found my Halo 3 case also empty and the manual for Mass Effect also missing. My first thought is one of the contractors but why did they not take the case? Second thought is a Paulflix rental but why did they not take the case?

I ordered a new cell phone battery for my phone. Currently I have to charge it every night because if I don't it goes from 70% to 10% half way through the second day. I went with an OEM battery instead of one of the many second party ones.

Watched Venture Bros, 3 episodes of Reaper, Simpsons, and Family Guy.

Still reading A Confederation of Dunces. Actually might be getting interesting...

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