Sunday, July 6, 2008

Meet the Lamper

Today was Operation Paint Day 2. Got the lower stairwell and the accent wall in the living room done and the first coat on the non-accent walls in the office. Operation Paint is now on hold until next weekend since 3 will be going to back to Spokane tomorrow.

I took a break from painting after my parents headed south to pick up some items that I needed for my trip. Although it was not needed I have been facinated be the Lamper since I saw it with Duece on Friday. It is the bastard love child of a laundry basket and a hamper. I love useful bastard love children. Where would fast food be without the spork? I am pretty sure that a corelation can be observed between the obesity problems in america and the introduction of the spork.

Watched the weeks Best Week Ever and a Reaper from May.

I also watched Sidekick on DVD. It was probably the best indy superhero flick I have ever sceen. The basic premise is that a nerd discovers that a coworker has super powers and takes on the role of the mentor of the super hero, but this being the "real" world things don't go as planned for our young nerd. Plus it has Danial Baldwin as the comic store owner.

Read some more of the Incredible Hulk. I think this is based on the Ed Norton because there is a lot of Jiber Jaber. So far not as good as the Iron Man novelitation.

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