Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FW: Jawbone on an Ass

NOTE: was sent last night but to wrong address

Still in Spokane... Another long day.

Over the weekend I picked up a Jawbone II wireless headset. I really like my Blue Ant but I somehow broke the mic so no one could hear me very well. I learned my lesson this time and got the replacement plan at Best Buy so next time I can get a replacement on someone else. I did make a call with the device while in a noisy section of the plant and my callee could hear me quite well.

Picked up and watched the Batman Gotham Knight DVD. I must say that it was very good.

Only TV was Morning Express with "Robot" Meade. She still creeps me out...

Sill reading The Incredible Hulk novelitation...

The front desk ran out of cookies but they were able to find me some A&W Root Beer Barrels. Yumm.

Joined Twitter today. So far not that impressed seams like IM but not as good. Twitter name: sirpalindrome

I don't know what is going on. Either the women in Spokane are very desperate or I am starting to loose my fragile grip on reality. Today I had two different women that were not unpleasant to look at flirt with me. I think I need to remember that they are paid to be nice to me... And that Spokane really sucks.

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qtilla said...

Dude. I told you about the women in Spokane. Nobody ever believes me.