Thursday, July 3, 2008

If only we had some fried chicken we could go faster

- Beau

Bonus point to anyone that gets the referance.

Went in to the office to answer some emails and get the packages that have come in while I was away. My 360 was scheduled to arrive on Monday but as you can see was delayed by weather untill later today.

I did get my order of DVD Disksocks Pros that I ordered. I have for some time wanted some sort of storage system that kept the disks and the cover together while removing the bulk of the box. In my internet searching I found disksocks. They seam to fit the bill and after I find some free time I will see if they will meet my needs in the long term.

Spent the day with Beau and Sean doing pre work for this weekends big painting project. This mostly consisted of the orderly decreasing of the potential energy of large quantities of stuff. I also made the call to disasemble many of the Lego sets that I have had on display for some time.

Finished listening to Dexter Dreaming Darkly. The TV show is still better.

Watched the third Middleman. Still on the fence but I think I am going to fall on the positive side.

Reread the first 3 issues of Batman RIP. This is a very trippy story and Tony Danial's art kind of blows. I have a difficult time telling one character from anouther through out the issues.

Read the 1st Incredible Hecules trade. I liked it but it did not live up to the hype that has been dropped on this book the last few months.

Read some more of The Ashes of Worlds but not as much as I would like since I need to get up early to buy the weekends paint.

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