Friday, July 4, 2008

Found In The Home Despot's Parking Lot

Mood: Passive Agresive.

Bought the paint for the big weekend paintathon.

Went and saw Hancock with Duece, Jim and Quiana. I really had a fun time. I was glad it was not the Demon in the Bottle story so Iron Man 2 can still use that as its source of inspiration.

Enjoyed a long lunch with my conversation and mocking of me. Did not go to a second movie so that I could wait for someone how did not show.

Went to George's for some awesome BBQ with the gang. Left early to meet up with the 'rents.

Did some drywall sanding to prepare for tomorrow. More of that damn dust everywhere... I don't know why I keep cleaning.

Finished The Ashes of Worlds. I liked how Anderson tied it all up together, but was a little disapointed that everything was wrapped up so neatly. It is kind of like the world started out like Babylon 5, transitioned into Battlestar Galactica, but ended up like Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Started reading the Incredible Hulk novelitation. This one is also be Peter David.

It is going to be an early rise so that I can paint like the wind but the fireworks are going to make it a late night.

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