Saturday, July 26, 2008

I feel safer allready

As seen in many of the buisnesses in San Diego.

I am still a con man. Started the day in line with Drew to get in line for the Heroes panel. They showed us the first episode of the season. Which was cool.

From there Drew and I went upstairs to Room 20 so that we could see the Dollhouse and Battlestar panels. Nothing exciting in the Dollhouse panel. Just Josh and Helo from Battlestar hitting on Eliza. The Battlestar panel was cool because it was moderated by Kevin Smith who kept the conversation flowing and brought out the humor out of the cast. They also showed us the trailer for Caprica which looks interesting but not what I expected.

After that I started wandering the floor on a swag hunt. I bought for my self some really cool Ultimate Goodzilla figures.

While I was wandering I ran across the start of the Fringe scavenger hunt. I figured I had some time to kill so why not. The first clue sent me about 10 feet away. This was looking really easy. The second clue was a street corner about 6 blocks from the center. There I found a storage container filled with bottles of Ginger Ale. On the bottle was anouther address where I found a pen of cows. There I found anouther address and promptly headed in the wrong direction. I wish I could say that I quickly realized my mistake. After a cource correction I ended up at a parking garage where on the roof they had an inflatable screen for showing the pilot. I was not going to subject myself to that again so I took my t-shirt and headed back to the hotel.

After a quick recharge I headed back and watched the first three episodes of Wolverine and the X-men. I had a young man with a HUGE head and an afro in front of me so it was not the greatest viewing situation but I really thought it was pretty cool.

Still reading Who Can Save Us Now and listening to The Plot to Save Socrates. One thing that bugs me about The Plot is that they keep mentioning that everyone knows how Socrates died. Am I the only one that did not?

Still playing FFTA2. I think the battery life in my DS is shorter than it should be. I don't think I got five hours of play before the red light turned on.

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