Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pain in my Foot

To facilate the painting of the stairs we removed the carpet from the upper stairwell. What I was not expecting was the little nails that my feet just seem to not be able to get enough of.

Work is work. Not doing anything fun at the moment.

Tried out a Temperpedic mattress at Brookstone. I think when I replace the waterbed I will probable switch to one of these. If it was not the 6k that I have spent on the remodling I would probably make the switch after the carpet...

Cleaned the kitchen today while watching the last two Reapers. I really like the end of the season and am looking forward to the shows return in the fall. A feeling I did not have before the writers strike. I also watched the new Middleman. I am really digging this show.

Picked and watched The Bank Heist. It was a bit of a bin there and done that but the fact that this is the true story that spawned all the digging into the vault stories makes it kind of special.

Still reading A Confederation of Dunces.

Was very disapointed that Dr Horrible's debut was screwed by a lack of bandwidth. Hopefully they will solve the problem tommorow.

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