Sunday, July 13, 2008

Operation Paint Day 3

I know this is late but I have an excuse. I went to see Hellboy 2 in celebration of the paint progress. Mom, Steve, Quiana, Jim and Jason helped me knock out everything but the area where the fireplace was. That could have been done too but Quiana's Uncle Brad came over and fixed the wall texture so that it looks a ton better.

Hellboy 2 was awesome. I have not desided if that or Iron Man is my pick for the 2nd best movie of the summer. I am leaning toward HB2 because it is the Dark Horse canidate... Pun-o-rific tonight. Just an asside this has been a amazing summer for movies.

Going to read a couple of chapters of Confederation before I hit the air mattress.

EDIT: For some reason this post did not make it to Blogger. I just resent and it showed up, so I edited the sent time to put it in its proper place.

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