Saturday, July 5, 2008

Operation Paint Day 1

In typing up the title for this post, I acidently typed Operation Pain instead of Paint. That typo pretty much sums up the day. Started at 5:30 when my Mom, Steve and I went to the Home Despot to buy a bunch of supplies for the operation. At about 10 the awesome-ness that is Quiana and cousin Sean showed up to get paint in their hair. Q worked her tail off and painted over half of the ceilings and trimmed a third of the kitchen. Sean spilled paint on the soon to be replaced carpet and ate pizza.

The numbers:
Trips to Home Despot: 4
Trips to paint store: 1
Ceilings painted: All (white)
Walls painted: 5
Walls inprocess of being trimmed: 6
Walls untouched: 9
Chances of competing this weekend: 0

No TV. Read a little Incredible Hulk before lights out.

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