Thursday, July 17, 2008

Light at End of Tunnel

Is not a train!

They put the porch lights back up today. One more sign that the heck is almost over. I am still not sold on the new colors though.

Work was all over today. I have no idea how Scott ever had time for his motorcycle porn...

Got a haircut today. I think I need to keep looking for a hair place. This place is just a little too white trash for me to feel comfortable at.

Wrapped Q's birthday present. One advantage to never being home on recycle/trash day is the large number of boxes to choose from come wrapping time.

Watched the rest of the seasons Simpsons and an American Dad. Also watched an episode of Dinosaurs on DVD while sorting clothes.

Still reading A Confederation of Dunces. I think this book is a sleep aid for me. I tried to read a bit when I got home and ended up taking a nap. That probably means that I won't be able to sleep tonight unless aCoD does its magic.

Crap forgot to mention that I have started playing MGS4 again. Finished Act II today.

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technogreek said...

BTW, I assume you mean "Confederacy of Dunces," yeah? Not Confederation?

If the book is yours and not the libraries, I'd love to borrow it when you're done...