Saturday, July 19, 2008

Photo Proof of my Awesome

Technically this a picture from yesterday but since I got a chance to break out my work awesome again this morning I thought it was apropreate. This is the PLC that a programmed into submission yesterday. Would of been even quicker if they would have just accepted that I was correct the first three times I told them where the problem was. What ever will be will be.

The day started before yesterday ended with the midnight showing of the IMAX version of The Dark Knight. I liked it a lot. I want to post spoilers but will hold back.

Got home at about 3 and desided that I would dial in and check out the upgrade that was performed in Los Angelas. This was the first time I had been in there system since I rebuilt my laptop a couple of months ago and I could not find the system description anywhere. So after a while I sent out an info request and got to bed a little after 4.

I ended up waking up at 6:30 and could not fall back to sleep. I checked my email and found the info that I needed so that I was able to checkout the upgrade and verify operation.

I then watched BWE, Doctor Who, and Stargate: Atlantis before heading out.

I participated in day one of a two day playtest at Microsoft. I can't say what I was doing there and I should not even mention this but there is a condom in involved.

After the playtest I ended up hooking up with Q for Dairy Queen, George, Dr Horrible, and Ivar's. In that order actually.

Still reading A ConfederaCY of Dunces. It is still the best sleep aid ever and still not making me laugh out loud till my belly aches and my eyes water.

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